BMW Intros Campaign for Used Vehicles

DETROIT BMW this week launches a national campaign for its Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. The work from Publicis includes four TV spots that focus on the bond between a BMW and its owner.

This effort marks the first time BMW has created new footage for CPO ads. In the past, the client has used recycled creative from previous campaigns. “We decided it was time to invest in an original ad campaign,” said Bill Bates, BMW of North America pre-owned marketing manager in a statement.

Spending was not disclosed. The client spent $15 million on ads for the CPO program last year, per CMR.

The ads play up the fact that while the vehicles may be used, they still carry that BMW cachet. One spot shows the lengths an owner will go to just to keep an eye on her car. A woman arriving at work in her Certified Pre-Owned 3 Series notices a security camera above the parking spot. Climbing on top of a garbage can, she adjusts the camera so it’s focused on her car. Inside the office, she makes repeated trips to the water cooler because it is located near a security monitor, allowing her to stare at her car. The phrase “Certified Love” comes on-screen as the spot closes; a voiceover states: “We have the BMW you’re looking for. Certified Pre-Owned by BMW. Only at your authorized BMW center.” TV will run in spot markets and cable channels and is accompanied by national print, regional radio ads and online banners.

“Our goal is to let drivers know it’s OK to relate to your car in the way you would relate to your first crush in high school,” said Peter Nicholson, ecd of Publicis, New York, in a statement.