Bluefly’s Tale of the Morning After

NEW YORK Bluefly, the Internet retailer known for its saucy advertising, once more leaves little to the imagination.

This week it introduced a commercial featuring a couple who work, dine and ultimately spend the night together.

There are several lingering shots of the man’s bare chest and the woman’s undergarments as the two of them tryst at a coat check. At the end of the spot, the woman is barely wrapped in towel as she steps from the shower.

In addition to the usual 30-second execution, the company also released a more explicit 90-second version that will run after 10 p.m on cable channels such as E! and the Style Network.

This is the third spot for Bluefly from New York-based McCaffery Gottlieb Lane.

“If we did not get push back from the networks, they [Bluefly] would be sorely disappointed in us,” said Bill Lane, agency cd. “We don’t set out to shock, but it is meant to be provocative.”

Bluefly’s strategy is to target fashion-conscious women.

“The job of television is just to get people interested in Bluefly,” said Brad Matson, client CMO. “It allows us to be free-er in the ad and allow the Web site to close the deal.” That’s the reason spots never spell out exactly what services Bluefly provides.

The spot and associated print in magazines such as Lucky and New York will run through April, when the retailer will go dark until the fall.

“We’re still not big enough to advertise year-round,” said Matson. “People buy clothes for the spring and the fall. So we advertise in September and March and April.”