Blue Cross “Mirror”

If you ever feel you’ve grown old just sitting through some commercials, you might take special pleasure in a campaign whose protagonists grow old in the course of each 30-second spot. That’s the motif of new spots for Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia, via Tierney Communications of that city. In the one shown here, a pre-schooler turns into a tween, a teen, a 20something and, at the end, a woman of a certain age, as the saying goes — all while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. It’s an apt setup for the voiceover’s point that Independence Blue Cross will be with you “every step of the way,” from immunization reminders for kids to nutrition counseling for middle agers. The aging-before-our eyes visual is a gimmick, all right, but an effective gimmick for delivering the client’s sales pitch. The music track gives its own twist by playing a vintage Rod Stewart song with the refrain, “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger.” This is a handy song for some healthcare-provider commercial, but I don’t quite get how it fits with the idea that Independence Blue Cross will stick with you from childhood to old age. Is the point that this insurer will help you reach a healthy old age no matter how foolish you are when you’re young? That would be a decent selling point, but it doesn’t obviously mesh with the visual of the girl-turned-woman in front of the mirror. The song seems more apt for a provider of geriatric care to people who lived hard in their younger days. (Rod Stewart, perhaps.) –Mark Dolliver