Bloom: Just ‘Kid ‘n Around’

Publicis/Bloom here launches its first youth-oriented television commercial for IronKids white bread in two years. The tagline is: “IronKid ‘n around.”
The 30-second spot, shot in a “virtual cinƒ” technique, begins airing on a spot basis this week during children’s and teen programming on cable and broadcast, according to agency co-chairman Steve Price.
The commercial will air throughout 1998 in 43 markets, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, Texas, as well as San Francisco, Denver and Phoenix.
Price said a companion commercial targeting parents has already hit the airwaves. “What we’ve always tried to do is [position] it as a brand that’s hip and fun, and tastes good,” he said.
IronKids is one of a number of brands Publicis/Bloom handles for St. Louis-based Earthgrains Co.
Earthgrains has spent less than $2 million in each of the past two years on IronKids advertising.
In the “IronKid ‘n around” execution, shots of young children playing soccer, swinging from trees and having pillow fights are intercut with images of them eating sandwiches made of IronKids bread.
The fast-action pace of the commercial halts during the “virtual cinƒ” segment, which freezes the on-screen characters for a three-dimensional hologram effect. Price said the creative style helps “capture what kids look for on TV.”
The ad was produced by Publicis/Bloom creative director Howard Goldthwaite Sr. and associate creative director Dean Hlavinka. Stone Core Productions in Dallas assisted on the David Blood-directed spot.
The last youth-oriented effort for IronKids was in 1996, when Publicis/Bloom linked the bread to an Olympics promotion.