Blockbuster Kiosks Play at Duane Reade

Now Duane Reade pharmacy customers can get a movie with their next prescription pickup. It was announced today that Blockbuster Express kiosks would be installed in more than 200 Duane Reade locations throughout New York City.

The kiosks, which are operated and deployed by technology company NCR Corporation, allow consumers to rent DVDs for $1 per night.The drugstore chain has moved quickly to expand its Blockbuster kiosks since first signing a licensing agreement with the movie rental company in January. The Duane Reade kiosks are part of the 2,500 that NCR expects to roll out by the end of 2009. It plans to have 10,000 in place by the end of 2010.

“Our entire operation really didn’t exist before this year,” said NCR representative Jeff Dudash. “But we expect this to become a very popular way to rent movies.”

In addition to Duane Reade, other chains offering the kiosks include Publix and Big Y grocery stores, as well as Tedeschi Food Shops. Dudash emphasized that NCR targets high-traffic areas such as retail, grocery and convenience stores, so renting movies can be incorporated into the consumer experience.

“These are places that consumers are going by every day,” said Dudash. “You’ve got a kid who’s home sick, you can run to the drugstore and pick up their medicine and grab a movie, so as they’re sitting on the couch they can enjoy the rest of their day.”

The kiosks currently hold more than 900 DVDs, including new releases and classics. Local and seasonal selections are rotated, depending on the time of year.

Nielsen Business Media