BK&S Hopes That Ads With ‘the Promise of Sex’: Will Sell Weekends in Rihga Royal Hotel Suites

By Matt Surman

NEW YORK–The Rihga Royal Hotel attempts to lure visitors with the hint of romance in its first television campaign from Biederman, Kelly & Shaffer, breaking this week.

The half-dozen executions for the New York client, which revolve around weekend packages at the hotel, feature stylish slow-motion shots of flying clothing–a button-down shirt, a silk slip, a long, sheer scarf–paired with a woman’s hand and legs rustling under bed sheets.

‘Sex in itself doesn’t necessarily sell, but the promise of sex should,’ explained Ken Krimstein, executive vice president and co-executive creative director at the New York shop.

The taglines in the estimated $1 million campaign are different for each ad. For instance, one spot, promoting the ‘Silk Pajamas Weekend,’ is accompanied by the voiceover, ‘You decide who wears the tops and who wears the bottoms.’

Another spot features the tagline: ‘Experts agree, couples just don’t get to see enough of each other. Indulge yourself this weekend at Manhattan’s luxury suite hotel.’

Krimstein and John Clapps, also co-executive creative director, brought the account to Biederman when their former shop, Krimstein/Clapps in New York, merged with the agency. Previous ads for the hotel, all in print, had been aimed at business travelers.

‘This romance campaign is tactical. Weekends are a time that (the hotel) has to fill in,’ said Krimstein.

The use of television is meant to separate the client from the New York hotel pack, he added. ‘Most of our effort (in the past) has been print and direct. We thought this would be the best way to reach the tri-state audience in a competitive market,’ Krimstein said.

The spot will run on cable TV in the tri-state area. The campaign will include a parallel print component, which breaks in The New York Times this weekend.

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