What’s in a name? If you’re trying to appeal to young Monets and their mothers, the answer has to be fun.

That’s why The Naming Center, an affiliate of The Richards Group, came up with the moniker DooZee for the less expensiveversion of Crayola crayons, both of which are manufactured by Binney & Smith of Easton, Pa.

“DooZee had a good connotation with children. Graphically, it’s a wonderful name with the repetition of round letter forms, and it’s a name kids love to say,” said Robin Ayres, who heads the center. “We had to find a name that appeals to adults and children and had a distinct personality they can latch on to.”

Packaging, which was handled by another Richards affiliate, RBMM, had its own challenges. As one of hundreds of school supplies being sold in Wal-Mart, DooZee had to stand out.

“Red and yellow had a lot of presence [on the store shelves], so we went with turquoise,” said RBMM marketing director Ann D’Amico.

Both Dallas units of Richards were hired by Fletcher, N.C.-based consultant Langberg, McHugh & Company.