Up 25 percent to $2.5 billion (est.)


Up 26 percent to $221 million (est.)

Win/Loss pitch ratio

7 out of 13

accounts won/media budget*

Cingular Wireless ($250 million)

Charles Schwab/Portfolio Consultation Services ($100 million)

Montgomery Ward media ($75 million—declared bankruptcy ) ($25 million) ($10-15 million)

Netpliance ($10-15 million)

Carolina Power & Light ($7 million)

accounts lost/media budget

U.S. Navy ($35 million) ($25 million—resigned)

Netpliance ($10-15 million—resigned)


BBDO Worldwide and parent Omnicomwon DaimlerChrysler’s consolidated $2 billion account; promoted Bill Katz to co-CEO and Jeff Mordos to COO.

*Added $250 million in billings from existing clients.

Sources: Adweek reports and Competitive Media Reporting