Big Lizard In Your Backyard

He might not be taller than the billboard that promotes him, but the Kansas City Zoo’s Komodo dragon is causing a Godzilla-like stir in the Missouri city.
In addition to the billboard, which features a photo of the lizard with the headline “Keep telling yourself dragons don’t exist,” the campaign from Valentine-Radford includes a 30-second TV spot showing the 150-pound Indonesian reptile wreaking havoc around Kansas City.
Intended to capitalize on Godzilla hysteria, the spot is receiving rave reviews. Chuck Curtis, president of the Kansas City agency, is in demand at area schools, where kids are eager to learn how the shop transformed the eight-foot-long reptile into a 30-story monster.
“It’s a real thrill to see firsthand how the kids love these spots,” Curtis said. “We have parents calling wanting to know if there’s a longer-playing video available.”
Presumably one that doesn’t cost eight bucks at the multiplex.
–Aaron Baar