BIG LEAGUE PARENTING A fan’s constant yelling of “Pitcher’s got a rubber arm” finally gets to Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine in a new television spot.

Stalking from the mound to the stands, he confronts the heckler and says sternly, “It’s ‘Pitcher has a rubber arm.’ “
That grammar lesson is one of three 30-second spots Leo Burnett in Chicago has created for The Advertising Council and the Education Excellence Partnership.
The spots encourage adults to “Be a Big League Parent” by getting more involved in their children’s education and by requesting an EEP pamphlet on raising students’ and schools’ education standards.
In another spot, San Diego Padres slugger Tony Gwynn musters geometry and physics knowledge to dispute his coach’s protest of an umpire’s call.
The third ad has Los Angeles Dodgers veteran outfielder Brett Butler showing off his knowledge about the Jurassic period to a catcher who calls him a dinosaur.