big dog

Coney Island is a long way from the Midwest, but geography hasn’t stopped Big Boy Restaurants from bringing amusement park fare to its Ohio and Michigan restaurants.

Simons Michelson Zieve broke a campaign last week touting the Warren, Mich.-based chain’s latest menu addition: the Coney dog. A 30-second TV spot mocks the wacky ways companies sometimes introduce new products.

In the spot, a narrator explains that Big Boy considered having a baseball pitcher throw Coney dogs into the stands or a helicopter drop dogs from the sky. Ultimately, the nar rator says, high jinks weren’t necessary because the Coneys could sell themselves.

“Because the Coney dog is such a new and unexpected product for Big Boy, we wanted the commercial to be similarly unconventional and attention-getting,” said Morton Zieve, chairman of the Troy, Mich., agency.

Billings for the campaign, which includes radio and point-of-sale, were not disclosed.

Big Boy has 455 restaurants throughout the U.S., but nearly half of its units are in the Michigan-Ohio area.

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