Barton F. Graf 9000 Wins GoDaddy After Creative Review

Deutsch, N.Y. was previous agency

GoDaddy has moved on from Deutsch New York, taking its creative business to Barton F. Graf 9000 after a review.

Interpublic’s Deutsch did not participate in the search process and other contenders could not immediately be identified. Independent Barton F. Graf in New York, founded four years ago, is also adding digital responsibilities. The agency’s first TV and online work is expected to debut in September.

Media will continue to be handled in-house by GoDaddy, the Scottsdale, Arizona Web-hosting company. Annual spending is estimated to be around $20-$25 million.

"Gerry Graf and his agency come from a place where they know our small business customers very well because they were of that size," said GoDaddy CMO Barb Rechterman. "How do you articulate the truth to small business customers and the challenges they face while keeping the GoDaddy mojo— with a tone that is creative, funny, quirky and memorable?”

When GoDaddy hired Deutsch in June 2012, the marketer wanted to evolve beyond its attention-grabbing risqué ads made famous on the Super Bowl and place more focus on what the company actually does. Last year, GoDaddy, which is the largest domain name provider in the world, shifted its brand positioning to show how the company supports small business owners, using the theme "It's go time."

"Deutsch was a great partner to us; they did a ton of research on our branding and relaunch last fall that will be instrumental in how we work with Barton F. Graf 9000," GoDaddy’s Rechterman said.