Beware of E-Threats

DWP/Bates Technology has launched its first branding work for Internet Security Systems.

The Atlanta tech shop, a division of Bates Worldwide, developed a campaign which includes three 30-second television commercials that are airing on CNN and MSNBC.

The purpose of the ads, according to agency executive creative director Roy Trimble, is to “scare the shit out of corporate executives and IT managers.”

Shot in Los Angeles by music video director Jake Scott, the spots feature what appear to be funny, almost likable characters breaking through security systems.

DWP’s cast represents the hacker, the disgruntled ex-employee and the cyber criminal, three particular threats that companies should be aware of, according to Trimble.

In the spot titled “Payback,” a midlevel business manager angrily prepares for his last day on the job by planning e-revenge.

“You read about worms and hackers, but the idea of your own people coming back at you is something employers don’t consider,” said Trimble. “It’s an educational spot as much as anything.”

Filmed in an empty lot just off a Los Angeles freeway, “Capitalistic Police” shows what Trimble called a merry prankster, happy as long as he is making mischief. A chilling, anonymous cyber criminal is the villain of “Own the Internet.”

“In a world where there’s a different kind of threat every day, you need a different kind of security” is the tag that ends each spot.

Print ads will run in business and trade publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and Computerworld.