Betty Gets a New Idea in Ads From DDB

“Betty knows,” the tagline for last year’s campaign from General Mills behind its Betty Crocker brands, has changed this year to “Betty Crocker. What a great idea.”
The campaign from DDB Chicago continues the client’s efforts to modernize the household icon’s image. Earlier this year, the Minneapolis conglomerate put $30 million behind a line of all-natural pastas and rices intended to make an impact on the quick-meal category.
Initial print work for the new campaign offers family-oriented suggestions for Betty Crocker brand products. The work is breaking in weekly magazines this month and in September monthlies. Ads were also featured in the John F. Kennedy Jr. tribute issues put out by Life and People.
“What we know consumers want is ideas; we wanted to be a little more concrete about that,” said a General Mills representative of the tagline change. “Betty Crocker is a trusted source.”
A double-truck ad, headlined “Magical afternoons,” shows kids having fun jumping off a dock into a lake. “Cannonball contests off the dock,” copy reads. “Make warm, golden days even more magical with ice cream cones that never melt.” A recipe for “Soft whipped frosting cupcake cones” follows, with ensuing copy suggesting Betty Crocker Soft Whipped canned frosting “spreads like magic. … No wand required.”
The Betty Crocker logo was created in 1921 by General Mills and has been updated several times since.