Best Lottery

Georgia Lottery
Title Dogs-Blackjack
Agency Austin Kelley Advertising, Minneapolis
Creative director Ralph McGill, Jim Spruell
Production company Fireside Productions
Rather than make us endure a half-baked attempt at originality, this spot for the Georgia Lottery’s Blackjack game charms us with zestful recycling of a kitsch cliche: poker-playing dogs. Yes, you groan as soon as you see the bulldog with his green eyeshade, the mutt with the porkpie hat, etc., etc. But unless you’re terminally snobbish, you can’t help enjoying the lowbrow laughs. When one dog asks how you play the Black Jack instant-winner game, another gives the inevitable response: ‘Ya scratch. Ya know how to scratch, don’t you?’ (The dogs dissolve into canine laughter, as well they might.) And the voiceover delivers the no-less-inevitable remark that you should play Black Jack because ‘every dog has his day.’ The very familiarity of the humor helps put Georgians at ease with the new game and creates a sense that it’s all good fun, whether you win or lose.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)