Berry Goes To Town With Big Ranch Chili

To help Hunt-Wesson launch a new line of its Wolf Brand Chili, Berry-Brown Advertising here is tweaking the rugged reputation of the regional best-seller.
In a television spot running in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla., Wolf’s new Big Ranch Recipe acquires a little big-city humor as Fullerton, Calif.-based Hunt-Wesson seeks to raise its profile among urban chili eaters.
The new commercial, which will also begin airing at an undetermined future date in major Texas markets, focuses on the characteristics of the Big Ranch Recipe chunky beef and vegetarian varieties, according to the agency.
Dubbed “Big Ranch Interview,” the 30-second spot shows a cynical ranch boss running roughshod over candidates for a cook’s job at the “Big Ranch.” When he sneers “Got a rez-oo-may?” at one unseen applicant, a black-labeled can of Big Ranch Chunky Beans chili is slammed down before him.
When the boss follows up [“Got ref’rences?”], cans of Big Ranch Steak Cut and Chunky Beef With Beans quickly follow. Impressed, he hires the new cook, who viewers finally see is a young, professional woman in conservative business attire. She then begins hardball negotiations: “Great. So let’s talk day care.”
“Basically, what we’re trying to offer our loyal group of users . . . is a product that is chunkier in texture, while also looking to appeal to nontraditional, more urban users,” said Hunt-Wesson product manager Dan Cullen.
Jim Hradecky, president and executive creative director at Berry-Brown, said the spot departs from the red-label Wolf branding as seen in a 1996 commercial. “The spot we did last year went back to the brand’s rugged individualism,” said Hradecky. “With the new product, we hope to get to a different audience.”
Berry-Brown handled Wolf Brand prior to its sale from the Quaker Oats Co. to Hunt-Wesson in 1995. The shop also services Hunt’s Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce products.