Bellying Up To Sam Adams

At Least 3 Shops Contend for Boston Beer Project
BOSTON–Boston Beer Co. is talking to a select group of agencies about a broadcast project it needs turned around quickly, calling into question the beer maker’s status with roster shop Carmichael Lynch.
“I wouldn’t call this a full- scale review . . . and the process is definitely closed,” said Boston Beer representative Sally Jackson. Among the agencies in contact with the brewer are Hill, Holliday, Connors, Comopulos and Arnold Communications, both Boston, and Gotham, New York, Jackson said.
A decision is expected by next month. “This may or may not lead to something larger [for the winning shop],” said Jackson, adding, “One can hope.” When asked about Boston Beer’s relationship with Carmichael, Jackson said, “They’re still on board.”
One source said it was unclear whether the Minneapolis-based shop, which creates print and broadcast ads for the client, would fight to keep its portion of the estimated $10-15 million account given recent developments at Boston Beer.
One such development is the resignation of vice president of brand development John Chappell, hired from Labatt Brewers five years ago. Chappell oversaw Sam Adams’ network TV debut via Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Ore., which positioned the lager as “A better glass of beer.” Boston Beer then moved its account to Carmichael, a runner-up in the review that resulted in Wieden’s hiring.
The client broke in April a Carmichael-created television campaign linking consumers’ personal goals to the quality of the beer with the tagline, “All in due time.” It appears that the effort fell flat. “We swung for the fences, and we missed,” a Carmichael executive told Brandweek [May 25].
–with staff reports