Behind The Scenes

Motion Theory in Los Angeles created a city in a shoe for mcgarrybowen’s Reebok Pump Wrapshear shoe spot, showing a man running past city obstacles like a fire hydrant and a fence. Co-directors Grady Hall and Mathew Cullen shot the acrobatic lead, Flipz, against a green screen and on location in Los Angeles for the two-day shoot. Flipz added his personal touches. “He had eight different ways of jumping over a fence. It looked like it was as easy as walking for him,” Hall says. Next, a team of 23 from Motion Theory pieced together scenes from the city and digitally created scenes, which took about five weeks. “The trickiest part was seamlessly integrating computer-generated shots and live-action shots; we wanted to make it feel like one continuous journey without thinking, ‘Oh, that shot is the green-screen shot,'” Hall says.