Behind The Scenes

Animated ad icon Tony the Tiger, created in 1951, makes his 3-D debut in a spot breaking today. Leo Burnett in Chicago and Bent Image Lab spent 12 weeks creating the commercial, which shows animal moms worrying about the nutritional health of their babies. In the end, Tony pops off a cereal box, in stop-motion animation, and says, “G-r-reat for growth!” “There were huge challenges, because he’s a morphic character, so he’s constantly changing his volume,” says Bent Image director David Daniels. The team considered using silicone to create the animal, but settled on clay with “a zillion” paddle controls underneath to simulate muscle changes. Six weeks of post, primarily using Adobe After Effects, and the help of Ice Age character designer Peter DeSève, helped transform Tony into a “dimensional creature” says Daniels.