Behind The Scenes

Travelocity’s spokes-gnome stepped out of his role as a supporting character to star in McKinney + Silver’s “Tour Guide,” which broke earlier this month. The 30-second spot shows the gnome debunking travel myths (like “It’s cheaper to book your flight and hotel separately”) and driving a double-decker bus through the streets of London. So just who is this gnome? Though he doesn’t have a name, there’s only one of him, and he’s become quite well known. Executives at Travelocity and Raleigh, N.C.-based McKinney often take him on their travels, since he’s “just the right size to hold him under your arm like a bag of potatoes,” explains group creative director Lisa Shimotakahara. “I went to London, and on the way back, the guy at security stopped me and said, ‘Is that the Travelocity gnome?'” recalls gcd Philip Marchington. “He said, ‘I have to tell my friends I saw a celebrity.'”