BBQ Gets Religion

Dallas freelancer Poppy Sundeen has certainly had her share of colorful characters on her list of clients.
She has long worked with Dallas restaurateur Gene Street, well known for his off-key radio jingling for the Good Eats chain he founded. And last year, she employed the long-running characters of “Tuna, Texas” for a series of humorous El Chico television ads.
Now, she has added another interesting sponsor to the mix. Sundeen was recently hired by Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack of Minneapolis to create a new campaign. For the uninitiated, Famous Dave’s is a noted barbecue hot spot of the upper Midwest.
Sundeen did not have to look beyond restaurant owner Dave Anderson for ad inspiration. The company founder has sampled nearly every barbecue joint in the country to develop his own unique BBQ brand and taste.
According to the Famous Dave’s Web site, “His passion was almost religious in nature, his trips like ‘pilgrimages’ to the most-hallowed ‘shrines of barbecue!’ His understanding of the holy trinity is: ‘Smoke, meat and sauce.’ “
–Glen Fest