BBDO Presents Hormel Chili as Seasoning

CHICAGO BBDO positions Hormel Chili as an irreplaceable condiment on the level of salt or ketchup in a new campaign for the brand.

The Minneapolis agency’s national television and print effort, which broke last week on cable television and in magazines, introduces “Goes on everything” as a tagline.

The TV spot shows condiments magically changing into Hormel Chili cans as people touch them, such as a woman reaching for a saltshaker or a boy running down the ketchup aisle in a grocery store. Print ads show table settings with Hormel Chili cans placed in between condiments such as ketchup and mustard and salt and pepper.

“In research, we kept hearing people talk about Hormel Chili and its almost magical ability to transform and enhance everyday foods from nachos to potatoes to even eggs and salads,” said Ann Weissner, management supervisor for the Omnicom shop in a statement.

Spending was not disclosed. The Austin, Minn., company spent just under $1 million advertising its chili last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.