BBDO Cranks Up Pioneer Amps

Print Campaign Puts Volume Ahead of Style
SAN FRANCISCO–They’re very loud, and they don’t look a bit pretty.
That’s the message BBDO West sends to car-stereo enthusiasts in a print campaign breaking next month for Pioneer Electronics’ Premier amplifiers.
The Los Angeles shop’s effort, to run in specialty titles such as Car Sound and Automedia, is tagged “Seriously loud amps.”
Print features images of tough-looking guys in classic cars. Text for one ad reads, “People may call you to turn it down. From France.” The black-and-silver Premier amp appears in the bottom right corner above the tagline and Premier logo.
“We are targeting the guy stopped next to you at the red light whose car is shaking from the sound coming from his stereo system,” said Barney Goldberg, art director at BBDO.
“There was a need to showcase the sheet metal on this amp,” creative director Ken Mandelbaum added. “Aesthetics are important. So is loudness. These guys will buy the biggest and loudest amps before they buy food.”
The amps, which retail for up to $500, aren’t for everyone, said Rick Hope, advertising and sales promotion manager at Pioneer Electronics USA in Long Beach, Calif. “We’re primarily trying to reach guys who aren’t buying their first amp. These are people who are no strangers to spending $20-30,000 on a car-stereo system.”