Baskin Says ‘Yay!’ for Oreo Treats

BOSTON Baskin-Robbins has launched new work touting its Oreo Explosion treats via Cliff Freeman and Partners.

The New York shop has fashioned a humorous TV spot that shows a family facing the prospect of not being able to visit their local Baskin shop. The tagline is “Yay!”

“This spot is the latest in Baskin campaign showcasing our innovative and creative side,” said Scott Colwell, vice president of marketing at the company in Canton, Mass. “The campaign captures Americans’ love for ice cream in a way that is both entertaining and relevant.”

Lee Seidenberg, agency cd, called the effort a slice of the “lighter side of life” designed to “resonate with consumers.”

This is Baskin’s third spot via Cliff Freeman, which supported the company’s Candy Bar Madness offer in April and its Surf’s Up summer program in June.

Baskin rival Cold Stone Creamery in May launched a high-profile campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi that centered on people facing their childhood fears in the company’s stores.

The client spends about $10 million annually on ads. It selected MDC Partners’ Cliff Freeman in January following a review. The shop succeeded VitroRobertson in San Diego.