Barnhart Brings OnStream on Board

Barnhart/CMI is introducing high-tech startup OnStream with print ads aimed at three different target markets–all stressing the cost value of the company’s digital storage products. Billings are undisclosed.
To tout OnStream’s 30- and 50-gigabyte storage solutions, the agency distilled its message down to one line–“Big space at a small price”–and exaggerates that idea in the ads’ nontech visuals.
One ad, for instance, shows a huge cruise ship anchored near a beach. “Boat for sale. $30” reads a sign on shore. Another features a medieval castle on sale for $50. The third shows an entire landscape selling for $39.
The copy in each ad appeals to a different market–workgroup servers, business power desktops or computer resellers.
The tagline, “Recording the Digital Age,” was developed in-house before Barnhart’s arrival, and points to the future of digital storage, said Barnhart account manager Sheri McKee.
“The technology will be used for things like digital cameras and streaming video, and the tagline reflects the migration toward recording history and critical information instead of just backup,” she said.
The ads broke in March and will run through the summer in publications such as PC Week, Inter ctiveWeek, Wired and Business Week. The shop is also working on the Longmont, Colo., company’s Web site, and creating other materials, including point-of-sale and direct.
OnStream, which spun off from Philips Electronics in early 1998, awarded its ad business to Barnhart in December without a formal review.