Barkley Bulks Up on Weight Watchers’ Brands

BOSTON Who says you can’t fill up on Weight Watchers?

Barkley, the independently owned agency in Kansas City, said it has added several Weight Watchers licensees without a review. Those additions are Dawn Foods, Schreiber Cheese, and Gilsa Dairy.

Dawn Foods markets Weight Watchers snack cakes, muffins and cookers. Gilsa markets Weight Watchers yogurt.

In addition, Barkley has picked up ad chores for Jolly Time Popcorn.

Per Nielsen Monitor-Plus, combined annual media spending on those brands in recent years has been in the $2-3 million range. The work had previously been handled by various local shops or in-house.

“Barkley came highly recommended to us because of the agency’s approach to consumer packaged goods,” said Schryse Williams, Dawn’s vp, consumer brands, in a statment. “In Barkley we believe we have found a true partner with a command of the industry and a solid strategic approach not only to marketing but business development.”

A key factor in garnering the new accounts was Barkley’s experience in helping to grow the Blue Bunny ice cream brand from a regional to a national brand.

“We are passionate about the food category, particularly with clients competing against mega brands. We look forward to sharing that expertise with our new clients,” said agency CEO and CCO Brian Brooker.