Barcardi Targets Women Of Sophistication for Sylk

Bacardi USA looks to mimic the momentum of category leader Diageo’s Baileys with the introduction of Sylk Cream Liqueur, a Drambuie extension backed by a $2 million print and on-premise effort.

Two print ads from Soul Advertising in London target urban and suburban women in their post-nightclub, pre-PTA years, said Monica Garaitonandia, a Bacardi USA senior marketing manager. “They’re graduating from the high-energy nightclubs into the trendy lounge and restaurant scene, and beginning to entertain at home,” she said.

The ads, which break in September magazines, are tagged, “Smooth to a point.” In one, a milky-skinned model wears several necklaces, one made of gold barbed wire. In the other, a leg sports a shoe with a strap of rose thorns. “The skin conveys the smooth cream, and the barbed-wire necklace and thorn strap convey the bite” of the whiskey-based liqueur, said Garaitonandia.

Zipatoni in St. Louis created in-store executions based on the print ads. The shop is also conducting “bartender education” on how to use Sylk in mixed drinks, said Zipatoni account supervisor Brooke Friedman.

The liqueur and cordial market, which is 12 percent of the U.S. spirits market, grew in 2002 by about 1 percent. Baileys, which represents a third of the former, grew by roughly 5 percent and is forecast to grow by 8-10 percent this year, said Brian Sudano of Beverage Marketing Corp.