Barbados Luxury Resort Turns to ISM

BOSTON Travel and leisure specialty agency ISM, an independently owned shop, said it has fashioned its first work for The Crane, a luxury resort and residence club that has operated in Barbados since 1887.

Ads from Boston-based ISM have already been unveiled in Barbados and will break in the U.S. next year. The effort introduces the tagline “When you get here, you’ll know.” The goal is to position The Crane as sophisticated yet unpretentious with copy such as, “This is the other side of Barbados, unspoiled, devoid of traffic noise, mosquitoes and formality.”

Creative director Bob Minihan oversaw the campaign, writing copy with DeMane Davis. Sandi Quatrale served as art director.

The assignment includes print ads, airport signage, collateral materials and an interactive newsletter. Spending will initially be in the mid-six figures.

ISM said it added the account several weeks ago following a review in which Tangled Spider Design Group in Miami was runner-up. There was no incumbent.

“The Crane account is an important addition for ISM because it brings us into the world of resort real estate and high-end fractional ownership, which is becoming an increasingly significant component in many current hotel developments,” said Janet Eason, COO and partner at the 50-person agency.

ISM added the Barbados Tourism account a year ago after eight years of Bahamas tourism efforts. Other key clients include American Express, Emirates Airline, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Harley-Davidson.