Baked, Not Fried

It’s the battle of the Jeffs: Goodby against Spicoli.

In a development that may help explain where some of those E*Trade ads come from, an internal memo from Jeff Goodby surfaced last week admonishing unknown Goodby, Silverstein & Partners staffers for treating themselves to a little cannabis breakfast in the office at 10 a.m.

With indications “strongly suggesting that it was someone from, say, the creative department,” the missive reminds tokers that indulging while clients and prospects are in the office “threaten[s] people’s jobs and well-being.” Touching, though, are the flourishes of paternal distress. “I am concerned for the person or people who feel it necessary to light up at such an hour,” the memo states. “This is not good for you—in either a personal or a professional sense.”

It concludes: “Please note that we emphatically pay you for what you do straight here—no matter what you may deliriously believe. … The price of freedom, lack of censorship and a championing of strange behavior is a little bit of fucking judgment. Please pay that price for me. For us all. Thank you.”