Bad Brakes Are A Good Omen

Most people, when changing jobs and moving cross country, may harbor a few lingering doubts whether they are doing the right thing. Do not count Rich Wakefield among those struggling with career angst.
Last month Wakefield left his post as associate creative director at Goldberg Moser O’Neill in San Francisco to assume the creative director’s role at Atlanta’s Crumbley & Alba/MRA.
After packing his family’s belongings on a moving van, he was scheduled to meet his landlady one afternoon for the final walk-through of his erstwhile apartment.
Just before that appointment, however, a Lincoln Town Car parked across the street lost its brakes, crossed the road and then the front yard, jumped the front porch and came to rest in what had been Wakefield’s living room.
“It must be an omen that the move to Atlanta was a good decision,” said Wakefield, though we suspect he had a hard time getting his security deposit back.
There’s no word on whether his search for a home in Atlanta included a yard that sloped away from the house.
–Jim Osterman