Babies On Board

Giant infants will be invading Boston for the next several months, thanks to a couple of illustrated buses being used in a campaign to promote the maternity services of St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.
The oversized newborns, rendered against shocking pink backgrounds, have popped up on bus lines serving metropolitan Boston. The buses will be used on May 15 to transport women free of charge to the Boston hospital for its “Women Health Day” seminar and education series.
Print ads and baby-faced subway cards have also begun appearing. Headlines for the various executions include “At St. Elizabeth’s, every day is Mother’s Day” and “Join the baby bloom.”
Created by Kelley Habib John Integrated Marketing in Boston, the six-figure effort is designed to raise awareness of the hospital’s services beyond its base in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood, said agency president Judy Habib.
-David Gianatasio