A-B Tops Post-Game Blog Buzz

NEW YORK Anheuser-Busch, which topped two national polls as well as TiVo’s measurements for ad popularity during the Super Bowl, is also winning the race in the blogosphere, according to preliminary results from two metrics firms.

The top four spots people are talking about in the blogosphere are from Budweiser, Nationwide Insurance, Doritos and GM’s Chevy.

“Overall, Budweiser is doing very well. It’s looking at about 31 percent positive rate and a 60 percent neutral,” said Jim Nail, chief strategy marketing officer, Cymfony, a Web analytics company in Watertown, Mass.

According to Nielsen BuzzMetrics (which, like Adweek, is a unit of the Nielsen Co.), the nine Budweiser/Bud Light spots garnered 15.2 percent buzz volume, which measures the number of people blogging about a particular topic. This was far ahead of its nearest competitor in buzz, Nationwide, which garnered only 6.2 percent in buzz volume.

A-B did not take every online measurement, however. Blockbuster’s “Mouse” topped AOL’s poll with 13 percent of the votes. Budweiser did take the rest of the top four spots in the AOL poll.

A-B placed seven spots among the top 10 in the annual USA Today survey. A-B also took five of the top 10 slots in an online Wall Street Journal poll.

TiVo, which measured viewers in live and recorded viewing in 10,000 homes, said Bud Light’s “Language Course” with comic Carlos Mencia was the most viewed spot. The No. 2 slot was filled by Bud Light’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”