Australian For Football

Just when Americans are finally learning to differentiate U.S. football, European football and U.S. soccer from one another, Australia has confused things further with its own version of the sport.

Australian Rules football is similar to soccer, but has rules cribbed from hockey and rugby (and a field twice the size of a football field). It began taking hold in this country in 1996, when the U.S. Australian Football League was founded.

This month, the USAFL aims for wider recognition with a poster campaign by Nelson Schmidt in Milwaukee.

The pro bono effort consists of four print ads that will be distributed at college dorms and sports bars across the country.

“We’re trying to help brand the league … to put it out there,” said Steve Yoder, senior writer at Nelson Schmidt.

The black-and-white posters show players in action. In one ad, one team has devil horns drawn on, while the other has halos.

The ads bear the tag line, “It’s not just for anyone. It’s for everyone.”

The work will begin appearing this month.