auld lang sign ’em up

Jordan McGrath Case & Partners/Euro RSCG and client SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare have a message for smokers who wish to quit by New Year’s: Don’t wait until
the next millennium.
The New York agency created one new TV spot for NicoDerm CQ and revised another for Nicorette gum. The Nicorette spot, which has a New Year’s slant and breaks today, shows
a woman claiming that every year she tries to quit smoking. The new tagline: “For a better quit date, you’d have to wait another 1,000 years.”
The NicoDerm CQ spot shows a woman saying, “Wasn’t one millennium smoking enough?”
Senior vice president, management supervisor Mindy Tegay said the spots are additions
to the shop’s original campaign for the Pittsburgh client and herald a timely event.
“They’re both meant to highlight this important quitting time,” she said. “It’s the biggest target date there is.”
Both spots run through the first full week of January on network and cable TV.
A print ad in the New Year’s edition of USA Today will carry the Nicorette spot’s tagline. –Simon Butle