Audi “Hands”

Last week, we wrote in this space about a tire commercial that illustrated the word “sticky” in a number of eye-catching ways. Here, we have an Audi commercial (by BBH London) that illustrates the word “grip” in eye-catching ways. If this is a trend in automotive-related advertising, it’s one to be encouraged. The spot shown here takes an automotive trait that might have been exalted in highly technical terms and instead relates it to something quite simple and human as we see hands adjusting their grip to hold a live fish, a hammer, a light bulb, a rock, a tomato, and so on. As the voiceover aptly remarks, we know how grip works – “just how much to use, how to change it, and when you need it most. It’s instinctive.” This is a neat setup for the sales pitch: “At Audi, we use grip this way, too. We call it Quattro. Independent grip, intelligently applied.” That’s quite a boast, when you think about it – the notion that a car can be as adaptable in gripping the road as the human hand is in gripping different sorts of objects. But it doesn’t sound boastful because the commercial has presented the topic in such low-key, matter-of-fact terms. It has focused on something we know, something we do every day, and then related it to the product, rather than rattling on and on about how wonderful Quattro is. Thus, we’re predisposed to accept the commercial’s very large claim on behalf of the product as if it were something that goes without question. –Mark Dolliver