Three masterworks receive a few touch-ups in a new campaign for Chrome, a maker of messenger bags.

The work, the first for the client from McClain Finlon Advertising in Denver, includes print ads and in-store posters. The ads, one of which broke last week, link being “naked” with needing a Chrome bag to carry stuff.

In one ad—featuring Ingres’ “Le Bain Turc” (in which nude women lounge around in a Turkish bath while one plays a guitar)—the guitarist wears a red Chrome bag. An arrow points to it, noting, “Good for holding stuff while you play guitar naked in a room full of other naked girls acting all dramatic.”

Another ad shows David’s “Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces” (a nude Mars and Venus recline while other nudes—including Cupid—hover about). Here, Venus wears a bag. The copy: “Nice to have when you need a place to put stuff because your hands are full trying to get a flowered headband on a naked guy and you’re naked too.”

There is no tagline.

The work seeks to expand beyond the Denver-based client’s core audience of bike messengers and nightclub DJs with a humorously literal perspective on the art, said shop art director Steve Whittier. “I wrote [it] kind of the way I talked,” he said. “I just described the paintings.”