Arnold Touts Talent

Integrating Arnold’s year-old Talent Development Team into agency operations nationwide is a key goal for Denise Rosenblum, who has been named to head the division.

As director of talent development, Rosen blum reports to the Bos ton agency’s human re sources director, Melissa Manning. The division was created to nurture talent among agency management through seminars and training programs.

Rosenblum replaces Colleen Boselli, who has left Arnold for personal reasons. Rosenblum joined the Havas-owned agency as management supervisor in 1998, leading the Talbots account and projects for Target and Marshall Field’s. Previously, she spent two years at Young & Rubicam in New York, where she led campaigns for AT&T and Showtime.

“Our objective is to help each employee develop his or her full potential,” Rosenblum said. The team’s initiatives include “brand reviews” that allow em ployees to learn about ac counts that don’t fall under their purview and “Arnold University,” which holds training programs on career advancement, man agement and salesmanship.

“[Rosenblum] is an outstanding account person, but also has strong training and development skills,” said agency president Fran Kelly. “She is great at working with people to get things done.”

One Rosenblum project involves forging liaisons with the Boston agency’s operations in Washington, New York, San Francisco and St. Louis. Rosenblum recently trained these outfits in the shop’s “brand essence” positioning. Assisting Rosenblum are Molly Sullivan, associate director of talent development, and Jill Eskandarian, talent development project manager.