Arnold, Sundsvall Sell Sophistication

Arnold Communications targets sophisticated drinkers and attempts to position Sundsvall superpremium vodka as a “mind-set” in a national print campaign.
Headlines present weighty topics for discussion, such as “To have a second child” and “Sir, I really love your daughter.” Such copy appears over elegant images of martinis. The tagline reads: “Vodka to be savored.”
Ads attempt to convey that Sundsvall’s complex taste makes the Swedish vodka the perfect beverage to enjoy slowly over a long conversation, said Arnold creative director Jay Williams.
The Boston agency wanted to establishing a more sophisticated “mind-set” for the brand, said Williams. “The days of jello shots are over,” he said.
The client saw the emergence of the superpremium vodka category as “an opportunity to [create] a destination brand for people looking for a more personal vodka experience,” said Drew DeSarno, marketing manager for Sundsvall, distributed domestically by The Seagram Beverage Co. in New York.
Headlines are tailored to specific audiences. For example, one execution that might run in travel publications uses the headline, “Bringing the clubs on your honeymoon.” This tactic maximizes the effort’s flexibility while extending its longevity, according to Williams.
Two product-centered ads are currently running in national lifestyle publications such as Cigar Afficionado and Forbes FYI. The next phase of the media buy includes such industry publications as Billboard and Women’s Wear Daily.
The ads mark Arnold’s first work for the brand since it won the account in June.