Arnold Goes Farther With Spots for Pinnacle

After three years of commercials starring world long-drive champion Jason Zuback, Pinnacle’s “Drive Around the World” has come to an end.

The golf-ball maker has abandoned that theme, though it retains Zuback, in its newest TV campaign from Arnold Worldwide in Boston.

“It was time to change,” said Ar-nold senior vice president, group creative director John Petruney, adding that the agency wanted to create something that was “fun, with attitude.”

Ads retain some elements of past efforts, including a focus on distance and Zuback, who Arnold senior vice president, group account director Brent Harwood described as the ideal spokesperson for the brand given the continuing “long-drive” theme.

Commercials still use the tagline “No ball goes farther” and target golfers who play at least 25 rounds of golf a year and are “looking to get the most distance possible out of their golf balls,” according to Harwood.

One spot depicts Zuback hitting a golf ball from a golf course into a baseball stadium. As it sails into the stands, eager fans race for the ball. The ad describes the golf balls as “The choice of Jason Zuback, four-time world long-drive champion, and long-drive fans everywhere.” A second spot parodies Tiger Woods’ trick of bouncing a golf ball on his club. In that execution, Zuback bounces the ball off his club and it goes so high that the rest of the spot shows him waiting for the ball to return.

Annual spending for the brand is believed to be in the low-to-mid seven-figures. Pinnacle is owned by the Acushnet Co., Fairhaven, Mass., which also markets Titleist and Foot-Joy brands.

Ads are running throughout 2001 on The Golf Channel and during golf events, Harwood said.

Creative development was overseen by Petruney and senior vice president, group creative director Nick Kaldenbaugh; Steve Pratt served as art director, Joe Fallon composed the copy.