Arnold Breaks $50-Mil. Integrated Campaign For Ocean Spray With a ‘Refreshing’ Tagline

Ocean Spray Cranberries has turned the table on the cynical times in which we live in its first campaign created by Arnold Communications.
“Refreshingly honest” replaces both “Crave the wave” and the more recent “It’s your zing” as the positioning line for all Ocean Spray products. Ads target the beverage realist.
One TV spot features a contractor being brutally honest with a stunned couple. Another commercial focuses on two people returning from a disastrous first date.
Ocean Spray has committed $50 million to the placement of TV, print and radio ads. “We’re attempting to make Ocean Spray stand out by appearing in much greater volume and in places where it traditionally has never ventured,” said marketing vice president David Murphy.
The campaign’s first wave of ads broke last Monday with a sweepstakes. The winners will be announced during the credits of NBC’s prime-time shows on Oct. 6.
Print executions are scheduled to run in magazines such as Life, Bon Appƒtit, Newsweek
and Rolling Stone. The TV buy covers all dayparts and networks.
“In the drink world, you have pulpy organic health drinks on one end of the spectrum and sugar water on the other. This is a product that’s made with real fruit juice . . . and it reflects the ethos of the company, which when you break it down is really made up of 900 farmers,”
said Arnold chief creative officer Ron Lawner.
The Boston shop pitched and won the Ocean Spray account late last year with the help of Lynn Rotando, then chairman of North Castle Partners in Stamford, Conn., who now oversees the account at Arnold.