For Archer/Malmo, Little Is Big

Size matters in Arch-er/Malmo’s first television campaign for Independent Bank.

The Memphis, Tenn., agency flaunts its small client’s independence and personal service.

In addition to three 30-second spots, which broke last week on cable and network affiliates, the shop created a billboard that states “I switched,” topped by a LED that flashes names of new customers. Names are added daily. The outdoor display will be moved periodically to locations around Memphis.

“Our job was to advertise the bank and create a grass-roots buzz,” said Archer/Malmo creative director Gary Backaus. “This is accomplished by using real customers talking about why they like this bank. If you see someone you know on TV, you’ll talk to them about it.”

Directed in various branch offices by John Markham of Jemco Handmade Films in Memphis, the spots show quick cuts of customer testimonials over vintage game show music for a down-home effect. Customers were literally cast as they entered the bank.

“We’re looking at a psychographic target—independent-minded people who don’t want to be shoved into a mold,” said Backaus.