Aquafina Taps Consumers for Web Films

NEW YORK Pepsi is employing user-created content for a campaign based on New Year’s resolutions to promote its Aquafina bottled water.

As part of Aquafina’s “Drink more water” push, Pepsi is sponsoring a $10,000 Resolution Reality Contest via AOL for consumers to upload video describing their pledges. That site features celebrities reciting their resolutions and tips from AOL “coaches” for keeping them.

In another part of the campaign, Pepsi interactive shop Tribal DDB in Dallas and production company Subliminal in Los Angeles rolled out a Web site ( that will feature 10 short films created by professional filmmakers. A three-week banner ad and e-mail solicitation requested resolutions from consumers, who contributed “thousands,” said Scott Johnson, executive creative director of Tribal DDB Dallas.

“We want to engage people for much longer periods of time,” he said. “In order to do that, you want to get them to participate with you.”

The first three shorts, based on consumer resolutions Aquafina collected, are: “Overcome my fear of heights and dogs,” “Become U.S. Air Guitar Champion” and “Improve my anger-management skills.” Aquafina will release a new film every day until Jan. 11. It plans to raise awareness of the site through another e-mail campaign.

The site includes a forward-to-a-friend feature to encourage viral distribution, an option for visitors to submit their own resolutions, and tips for keeping New Year’s promises.

“We feel really good about the viral potential of this,” Johnson said.