Apple ‘Silhouettes’ Do the iPod Shuffle

NEW YORK TBWA\Chiat\Day has created a “Silhouette” spot promoting the $99 iPod Shuffle, showing people dancing with the pared-down portable music player to the song “Jerk It Out” by the Caesars.

The commercial shows silhouettes of people dancing, similar to previous ads in the campaign by the Playa del Rey, Calif.-based shop. As the dancers gyrate, holding the music player or wearing it clipped on their sleeve, graphic arrows encircle them and the word “Shuffle” appears. The iPod Shuffle has no moveable parts and holds about 120 songs, or some seven hours of music.

Worldwide chief creative officer on the campaign is Lee Clow. Duncan Milner and Eric Grunbaum are the creative directors. Susan Alinsangan served as art director, and Rob Thompson was the copywriter.

The spot was co-directed by Glenn Martin of production company Tombo, and Alexei Tylevich and Ben Conrad of the production company Logan.

Apple spent more than $100 million on advertising in 2003 and about $90 million between January and October 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor Plus. On iPod alone, the Cupertino, Calif., company spent about $70 million on ads between January and October 2004, per the same media-tracking service.