Apple “Meet iPad”

Apple’s first commercial for the iPad debuted last night on the Oscars and it sure makes the new gadget look awfully tempting. In keeping with the company’s tradition of demonstrating new devices rather than talking about them, Apple sticks to the user experience in the commercial and amps it up with the rock ’n’ roll of Denmark’s The Blue Van and their track “There Goes My Love.” Now that its latest mobile offering is too big to fit in the palm of a hand, the viewer gets to see a bit more of the users than their hands as they stream through various features of iPads comfortably resting on their laps. It’s all about the product and boy does it look promising. The users fly through various applications, updating calendars, reading newspapers, flipping through books, answering e-mails, updating work reports, watching movies — is there anything this thing can’t do? Another slick showing from the company that does everything to impress, entice and send Apple devotees camping for the April 3 store arrival. –Eleftheria Parpis