Apple “Green”

Having recently purchased a snazzy aluminum-encased MacBook strictly out of brand loyalty, it was an added bonus to learn that my purchase is not only faster and sleeker but may be actually not too bad for the environment. A new Apple spot from TBWA\Media Arts Lab touts the laptops as the “the greenest family of notebooks.” Apple stresses the facts and keeps the message simple, showing a screen displaying dewy grass as its desktop image and hand-drawn graphics highlight its “green” attributes. The animation lends the message some warmth, even if it is an easy, oft-used technique The voiceover informs viewers that the glass screen and aluminum body are made from recyclable materials. We also learn that the unit “runs on a quarter of the power of a single lightbulb” and is made without “many” of the toxins other computers are manufactured with, mainly mercury. While I’m skeptical of a brand calling anything it does the “greenest” of them all, it’s nice to know I went green without really trying. –Eleftheria Parpis