A&P Expands Mobile Coupons With Texting Option

Supermarket chain A&P has started offering mobile coupons via text messaging. Starting this month, shoppers can opt in to receive savings on their cell phones, which can then be redeemed at participating stores.

A&P last year tapped Zavers, a mobile technology provider, to implement a digital promotions platform that enabled the chain to offer mobile coupons. The new text messaging component is an extension of that partnership.

To opt in for the mobile coupon service, A&P customers must create an account online using their Club Card account number. Once the account (powered by Zavers) is created, shoppers can view coupons online and click on the “save” button for each item they wish to add. The savings will automatically be deducted when the Club Card is scanned at checkout.

The texting component works in a similar way. When a new coupon is available, a text is sent to those shoppers who have opted in. The text describes the coupon and provides a code with which shoppers can respond if they want to save the coupon to their account. To redeem the coupon, a consumer must also swipe their loyalty card at the register.

“This program is an important addition to our loyalty club card programs, and provides our customers with another reason to shop at A&P,” said Lauren LaBruno, A&P’s senior director of public relations, community affairs and customer care.  “From a marketing perspective, there is a generation of consumers that is increasingly turning to the Internet and to their mobile phones for product information and savings opportunities, and this program allows us to reach them the way they want to be reached.”

LaBruno said since launching mobile coupons last August, A&P has seen redemption rates as high as 45% and in double digits on average, compared to 1% for paper coupons. “Consumers tell us how easy it is to sign up and get started on the program, they tell us they love the amount and breadth of coupons available, and that this program allows them to take advantage of manufacturer and private label savings without the hassle of paper coupons,” she added.’

The new mobile coupon component will be deployed throughout the Northeast, as part of the “Red Tag Online Savings” program at A&P, SuperFresh and Waldbaum’s, the Online Advantage program at Pathmark, and the Fresh Online Savings program at The Food Emporium.