Andersen Windows Undergoes Graphics Makeover

NEW YORK Andersen Windows has changed its A/W shield logo after nearly 50 years and more than a year considering designs by brand consultancy Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co.

The logo update does not signify an image change for the company, simply a desire to facilitate multimedia branding efforts, said Frank Quadflieg, director of marketing services and communications for the Bayport, Minn.-based client. “We had issues with the old logo,” he said. “It worked well in the old advertising, but in showrooms and Web sites it didn’t, because the typeface is so small.”

The new design makes the brand mark easier to use on promotional materials and product stickers, Quadflieg said.

The New York shop presented more than 100 designs before the client decided on the final variation, which draws on the original bold orange and black mark while allowing the Andersen name to break out of the shield.

This new logo will be phased into advertising and promotional materials over several years. The redesign cost the client less than $500,000, Quadflieg said.