And the Winner Is Not …

“My dream girl? Well, someone not overly intellectual. I am drawn to blondes, though.” —Ryan Buznowski, winner of Comedy Central’s “Win a Date With a Juggy” sweepstakes

If women are wondering where all the single men are these days, well, aside from Mr. Buznowski, they’re apparently not watching Comedy Central’s The Man Show.

The cable program recently held what would seem to be the ideal contest for single guys: the “Win a Date With a Juggy” sweepstakes. (A Juggy, it turns out, is a woman who wears little clothing and jumps around on a trampoline.) The grand prize was a trip to L.A., where the winner would have a chance to demonstrate his manly arts during a chaperoned night on the town with Vanessa Kay, one of the more popular Juggies (shown here at the Playboy Mansion with Bill Maher).

But at a party last week to celebrate Comedy Central’s new shows, an ad sales rep told us the sweepstakes didn’t proceed entirely as planned. “Every time we had a winner, the guy would turn it down because he was married,” he said.

This is confirmed by network rep Jenni Woodward. “We went through three or four men before we found Ryan, who was single and ‘allowed’ to go on the date,” she says.

The guys who chickened out on the date with Vanessa may get another chance. New episodes of The Man Show begin taping next month, with Fear Factor’s Joe Rogan replacing Jimmy Kimmel as one of the hosts. “We’ll be doing a lot more promotions along the lines of ‘Juggy,’ ” Woodward says.