Ammirati’s New Bali Campaign Touts Comfort, Metaphorically

Ammirati Puris Lintas will break a national print campaign for Bali lingerie this week, its first campaign for the Sara Lee division in Winston-Salem, N.C.
The bra and panty ads use metaphorical images, such as a rose trellis and an egg, to tout the products’ fit and comfort. All ads carry the tagline, “The one you love to wear.”
One ad for the new Full Elegance bra line shows a rose trellis and a model in a lacy bra. “Support and beauty have become one” is the headline.
Another ad shows a photo of a child clad only in sandals and a model wearing Barelythere panties. The headline: “You already know the feeling.”
The third ad shows an egg under the copy “Seamless. Not shapeless,” with a photo of a model buttoning a sheer blouse over a bra from the new Seamless line.
“We’re using the visual metaphor in our ads for both its stopping power and for the way it explains the products’ key benefits,” said Stephen Phillips, Bali vice president, marketing for department and specialty stores.
“There is a lot of sameness [of ads] in the category,” said Brian Kelly, creative director for Ammirati. “We are trying to have a different type of dialog about the product.”
The client spent almost $1 million last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.