Ameritech Backing Yellow Pages

APL Ads With Sitcom Actor Bader Aim to Keep Book Relevant
CHICAGO–Ameritech wanted a likable couple to use in TV spots backing its Yellow Pages and Internet site.
Ameritech Yellow Pages advertising manager Betsy Ross Krieg said she had in mind pairs like the ones in the sitcom Mad About You, or maybe Dharma & Greg.
“We wanted the feel of [people] that you really want to get to know,” she said.
Ammirati Puris Lintas in Chicago gave its client an actor from The Drew Carey Show, pairing him with a commercial actress. Two 30-second spots breaking this month feature Diedrich Bader, who plays Oswald on the ABC sitcom.
A spot called “Which One” shows the couple struggling with a sofa. As they maneuver the item down a flight of stairs, the woman asks the man if he’s checked the Yellow Pages to see if the upholstery shop is open. When she discovers he didn’t use the Ameritech Yellow Pages, she goes to see for herself. She discovers the shop is closed, and the ad ends with a sheepish Bader standing outside holding up his end of the sofa, asking the dog for a hand.
A second spot, “Magnificent,” features the same couple planning out a day of errands. The man sits despondently as his partner outlines an agenda he is sure will take over his entire afternoon. When the woman announces there will be time left to watch the game, because of her use of the Ameritech Yellow Pages, he expresses loving appreciation: “You are magnificent.”
The tagline, “A few minutes in here can save you hours out there,” underlines the idea that life is easier with the Yellow Pages, said Tim Kane, managing director, creative, at APL.
“The Yellow Pages is seen as old technology in many cases, particularly with the advent of the Internet, but in reality it’s not,” he said.
Radio, print and outdoor ads with the same light approach also break this month in Ameritech’s five-state market.